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Emperor Nero 54-68 AD.


Emperor Nero 54-68 AD is another must have for Roman coin collectors; this coin is rarer than the normal silver denarius as it is the one with the three empirical standards on the reverse minted in Rome and somehow making its way to the British Isles. Extra fine condition.

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Julius Caesar 54-44 BC.


Julius Caesar 54-44 BC. All his coins are highly sort after, this one in particular. It was minted after the conquest of Gaul the reverse depicts his triumphant standard flanked by two captive Gallic warriors. Its one of the rare ones and its in very fine condition.

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Commonwealth coinage 1649-60


Commonwealth coinage 1649-60 minted between the execution of Charles the first and Oliver Cromwell (a period of only 11 years) is always highly sort after and this halfgrote (2 pence) is in lovely condition and would make an excellent edition to any collection.

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The rare and unusual Penny Model by Joseph Moore


The rare and unusual Penny Model by Joseph Moore minted in 1844 in very fine condition, he entered a competition to design a new one penny, but sadly he was not the winner. Joseph Moore was so confident of success however he minted a few thousand only to be piped at the post they still found their way into circulation.

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