Sylvie Brault, 1900-1985 Pont dArole

Whistler 1834-1903 The Little Pool
The etching known as The Little Pool is the first of the 16 Thames etchings that Whistler did in the early 1871, they were known as the Thames set, these focus on the Pool of London and show the artists extremely skilled hand and obsession with detail. Whistler is renowned in the art world and therefore, means his more famous paintings fetch millions of pounds and even his etchings have fetched hundreds of thousands of pounds.

29cm by 24cm




Sylvie Brault, 1900-1985 Pont dArole
Pont dArole
This is a truly delightful little painting by a largely forgotten French impressionist painter who back in his youth was looking over the shoulder of Claude Monet, Frederic Bazille, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley. You can see their influence in this painting here, sadly for him he never gained the prominence of his contemporaries and stopped trying to make his fortune as an artist. He became a pharmacist instead, but on reaching his retirement he once again took up the brush painting in a more cubist style but in his old age he went back to his roots and created some of his finest impressionist works. This is a lovely little painting from his last year of his life (could this be his last painting) showing the bridge dArole in Paris, it is very easy to fall in love with this one.